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The Guidelines and Standards for Counseling High-Risk Groups in Clinic Settings

Effective STI control among vulnerable key populations is an important strategy to reduce HIV transmission. This document, defines the guidelines and minimum standards for counseling services provided in Avahan-supported clinics. ​ ​Source Courtesy: FHI

Standard operating procedures-Aastha I: An STI/HIV Prevention Program With Sex Workers in Mumbai​...

The Standard Operating Procedures in this document provide detailed steps for every program aspect of the project, providing the reader with the context for the development of the strategy/activity as well as the structure, individual responsibilities and monitoring plan.​ ​ ​ ​Source Courtesy: FHI

Containing HIV/AIDS in India: the unfinished agenda

Chandrasekaran P, Dallabetta G, Loo V, Rao S, Gayle H, Alexander A. Lancet Infectious Diseases 2006; 6: 508 – 521.

Response to: How much does heterosexual commercial sex contribute to India’s AIDS epidemic? (PDF)

Blanchard J, Moses S, Rao S, et al. Int J AIDS and STI 2007; 18: 359-360.

Evaluating large-scale HIV preventive interventions: study design for an integrated mathematical...

Boily M-C, Lowndes CM, Vickerman P, et al. Sexually Transmitted Infections 2007; 83:582-589.

When it’s needed, where it’s needed: A secondary needle, syringe and condom distribution programme...

Project ORCHID and the Northeast India Knowledge Network collaborated to produce this document. It describes the secondary distribution programme which aims to promote easier access to condoms and sterile injecting equipment for vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups in remote and rural settings. ​ ​ ​ Source Courtesy: Project ORCHID

Aastha Continuous Quality Approach, Cyclical Quality Improvement for Prevention Interventions with...

This document captures the Aastha Continuous Quality Approach (ACQUA), a philosophy which is based on the constant endeavor of the project to innovate, achieve existing goals, relook the existing strategies with a magnifier and strengthen the process further by constantly improvising to suit project needs. ​ ​ ​ Source Courtesy: FHI 360

User and Technical Manual for Aastha Strategic behaviour Communication Material

The Aastha SBC material is an interactive material designed for effective STI/HIV prevention. This manual will guide the PEs, step by step, while conducting the SBC sessions. Source Courtesy: FHI

Integrated Behavioral and Biological Assessment: Guidelines for Surveys of Populations at Risk of...

This manual is intended to be used by those who wish to carry out similar studies in India and elsewhere. It is operational in nature, without a heavy burden of theoretical and technical information. ​ ​ ​ Source Courtesy: FHI

Peer Educator Intermediate Training Manual

This manual provides a quick reference to the principles and processes of interpersonal communication and micro planning skills. It is intended to help PEs work together with the ORWs to provide the best possible services for the KP.​ ​ ​ ​Source Courtesy: FHI
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